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Monday, March 7, 2011

I hope that it will be sad ending...

Good morning,you olls...
Finally the story mory is ending with happiness. 
Hoy hoy's story. 
Alaa I told that in last entry. Got it??
But, arrgghh why happy?? 
It could be sad lor, can feeling-feeling. 
After three days I try, I try to finish the drama, 
finally it was done.

Finished it on 3 am.

Okey,okey I think now sunshine wants to up and up.
It's almost to appear by itself.
Better I sleep now, before my parents knock,knock my BEAUTIFUL room.
and shout loudly.

See yaa...
'ade laa kawan aku yang sorang ni perasan nak jadik Gumiho jugak. Ceh!'

I think now is almost 3.30 am. So, do the extra Ibadah first laa kan.

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