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Monday, March 7, 2011

I am the super duper BAKER!!

Assalammualaikum you ollsss.

Look like English style. Hahaha.

Hoy hoy!! First and foremost, I felt awkward because I'd done baking my cake.
Hahaha. After I spend a lot of  time to bake and cook,
 finally I successful did it.
Actually, it just took about 2 or 3 hours maybe.
Eventhough, I satisfied laa.

BUT! now, I feel like want to shout widely and loudly that
"Helo! Aku laa yang buat okey... 
Yes! it is true lor.

Yeah.. I know that many people do not trust my 'handmade'.
Tengok dalam Fb members dok mengomen, mengkritik tindak tanduk aku.
Rase macam nak sekeh jer deme ni.
 Tapi, sometimes rase macam nak gelak kuat-kuat sebab lawak laa.
And I also do not believe that I've done that cake.
Anyway,I reda okey!

Actually kan korang, this kind of food for my lunch's dessert.
And I only ate 'bubur' as my lunch.
Okey,okey I'm not taking diet
but its also healthy food kan. Yeke?? hehe.

Lastly, My mak and abah almost to believes on me.
Hoy hoy!!!

Lalalala...I am the super ring duper power root BEST BAKER!!!
and also cooker...???
I know that. HAHA.

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