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Thursday, December 30, 2010

my belog is becoming...

Assalammualaikum everybody.
yeah! finally, I'd succeeded to make my own blog's layout. wish me "CONGRATULATION!" beb. hoho.
alaah, somebody said its just simple la. yes, i know. but i did it by own okey. 
hey Nisa, why you try to speak in English huh? hehe. Its just because my header is writen in English la. haha. ntah-paper aku ni. opppsss...
Aiyooo, Do you from Australia? haha. No laa, I am proud to be Malaysian. Dont worry be happy. chill out bebeh! haha. (ntah sejak bile aku pandei berkate-kate sebegini.)

so, you all...did you feel my-new-blog is more better than others blog. haha. I dont think so. ye,ye.. aku tahu korang punyer belog lagik up++ dari aku. hehe.

okey arr beb, thanks yeah because 'blogwalking' this my-new-blog. I appreciate it. 

pss, pss... if my grammar is wrong please 'knock,knock' me yeah. (tell me quietly okeh, hehe.)

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