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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

twitter and tumblr

Assalammualaikum everyone.
Alhamdulillah because we still can take a breath in this world. 
okeh2! actually I just want to say that now, I'd already account for Twitter and Tumbler Tumblr. hehe.
maju laa sikit. But I still tak tau how to use and to...everything laa. hanya tahu tekan sign in and out jer.
errr,kire okeh laa tue kan.
anyway, siape-siape boleh ajar yang bukan bukan nie. Tolong ek.
memang sayang korang lebih ar.
thank you!

deathnotes: kalau english saye tunggang langgang, please correct me,okeh! LIKE it? Thanks for reading this entry.
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