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Sunday, November 28, 2010

before mid term

Assalammualaikum everyone.
yesterday, hang-out with my dormmates. best + best = be'best.
err, went to The Mines. and then watched cinema. what story? for sure laa Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows but just [part 1] laa. It's okeh! I enjoyed that. so far so fun and best giler....wa cakap same lu. even,masuk-masuk cinema dah start cerite. agak frust arr.

walk and walk and walk...saw the river. fell likes at Rome pulak. ala-ala scene dalam cerite Boys over Flowers gitu. beautiful and awesome laaa. hard to say!
and lastly,we're together balik ke KTM Serdang naik bot. haha. agak peghaaakk arr.

after that, kitorang main bowling kt The Mines jugak. mule-mule tue,terkial-kial jugak laa. then, I become Pro kut. haha. No laa..
just having fun with my friends. 

It's time before we're going to sit mid term that 2 weeks more from NOW!

for all my members in the same boat, I wish you all..."all the best,okeh!" 

together we draw the Successful!!!
never Failure.

deathnotes: wow! Nisa is using English languange in her blog. even agak "terkontang-kantingnye bahase" heee...
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