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Thursday, September 3, 2015

2 days left...

I'm gonna left my home. Another 2 days left to a day of university's life.
I'm gonna miss the cats.
I'm gonna miss the bed.
Oh so bad

And I'm gonna be a final year student.
It could be tough to me.
I'm gonna lunch alone this time.
No geng to hangout.
This is so sad.

Hey, don't be sad.
You gonna be strong in this way.
You'll learn to be independent.
And you love it right?

The only thing I thought
I'm gonna break my limit now.
Study hard, yes hard.
Don't look down to other people.
Just look at yourself
"Have you had an achievement like them?"

Be humble not inferior.

Hello final year! Please be nice to me.
I'm gonna live you.

To all my beloved-sweety-best-best-best-best-friends

Will be graduated soon,
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