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Friday, September 21, 2012

Only on my birthday


All praises to Allah, my only God. May Allah bless my iman and amal.

Thanks because still made me life until this second.


As usual, every time when ur birthday is coming ur frens sure reserved for u a present rite. If not, maybe they busy to buy sth. Think positive. ;D

Alhamdulillah again, for giving me the best frens.

They gave me the presents. Never thought about this. Yelah ingatkan waktu sekolah rendah je dapat hadiah dalam laci. But now!

I'm shocked. e-e-e-e- electric shock!!! #f(x)=kpop girl song. ngehehehe.

Thanks girlssssssss for gave me that.

Really appreciate it. Thats so cute. ;)

In 20 years young, i got these. ;D

Gelak dan cincin cleopatra mungkin~

The simplest present but really deep meaning. Thanks Lia!

p/s: I'll try my best to reply ur presentsssss. InshaAllah.

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