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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Holiday at PD

Assalammualaikum to all Muslims.

Welcome to PORT DICKSON ! Ahak!

Wish you guys in healthy pink. InshaAllah. This week full with quizzes,presentations and arrggghh feel exhausted. Haha. But ! One thing made me happy is holiday at PD. Jyeaaah !

Have fun and enjoy with my family. My lovely family. I think you all also have it too. Right? Alhamdulillah. Take care of yours ok! Take care the ukhuwah especially.

When my family sent me at mahallah, my elder bro guess is true that I will write entry about this. Haha. I dont care! For me its my platform to keep writing so that I can get the good writing neither english or malay. Ahak!

Later on, he said "Put the best picture of me". Mbahahaha. Lastly, he hoped on me. I see~~~

So, lets enjoy our happiness.

Thanks ALLAH! The beautiful scenery.

Wo ai MAMA!

Bak kata pepatah : air dicincang tidak akan putus

Wo ai BABA!

Thats it. Have a nice day you guys !

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