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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wake up friends !


I think I can type smoothly if I saw a picture. Yeah, maybe !

Do you know about the future friends? I just wanna ask you. Try answer in your mind but follow by heart. We did not know about our future right. Because we are only a creation by a creator. The most almighty, Allah. We have Allah. And He decided our future. So, why you weak at the middle of the battle. Come on, guys. I know you are. Allah chose you. Allah knows you are the best. Because you are the chosen one. 

Please, appreciate it. Don't make it as such of wasted thing. I don't want you blame at me. And said " You make me suck ! " Yeah maybe. But you stop before you got succeed. How come you blame at me? Its not fair for me. I'm your friend. ;(

The past let it go. Take the present. And move on forward. There are still have nur. Trust me ! I'm your friend right? There are a lot of things that you must learn. Life is all about learning. Even more than we imagine. Allah created us also to make us be a Khalifah. How we have to face the other site if we couldn't practice us as the Khalifah? No sense ! Hmm, sorry if I always use (!) in my entry. I just want you see it as an important thing. You must remember it. REMEMBER.

I told you, success never come without sacrifices. And you have to patient if wanna to sacrifice. Thats how the way to success ! Seriously, I'm not lying you. So, friends I hope you could understand what I'm saying. Maybe you think disgusting, yeah I'm not as well as what I said. And don't judge people by their words, but look at their reminder then received it as nasihat yang berguna. Sebab, kita melihat dengan mata kasar kalau menolaknya. Andai kau lihat dengan mata hati pasti berguna. Eceey, pandai ko mengayat. -,-

Sahabat, aku bukanlah pandai berdebat sangat pun. Cakap pun err, err, err.. tergagap-gagap. Kadang-kadang 'gulp' selalu. Yeah. I admit. But we must try to be better right? Its good I think. Thats why I chose blog to give something that can told you. Everyone want the transformation. (ini bukan transformasi kerajaan mahupun sebaliknya) I mean, transformation from BAD things to be GOOD. You should try it. Instead you will lose, but you will be greater than me. Who knows? Allah knows more.

Jadi, aku tak nak bebel panjang. Ini sekadar renungan kita bersama. Andai ada silap, maafkan. Bagi aku kamu semua tak pernah buat salah pada aku. Cuma, kalau bab makanan memang aku berat sebelah. Haha. Ok fine ! Just kidding. Yalah, sesungguhnya orang pemaaf itu orang yang kuat. Orang yang kuat, Allah kan sayang. ;)

Actually friends,


Trust me. Let us go together until success.

p/s : Sama-samalah kita doakan kejayaan ibu bapa, adik beradik, saudara-mara, sahabat handai di dunia mahupun untuk akhirat kelak.

See ! aku dah kata, kalau cerita berdasarkan gambar banyak je bebelannya. HAHA.

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