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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am jealous with you


Do you still remember when we are in form 2? Yes, we had been took picture together. Not only one but many you know. But that time I'm not jealous with you. Even, we shared our food at canteen, money, and also time to make us be a good friend. I really miss that moments. And now, I have that feeling. Yes, for the first time I am jealous with you.

 Do you know that I'm really inspired Apple. I mean iPhone. Andd you have it. Ouuuhh, when I looked at your picture and you handful the phone. Damnn... I felt I challenged with you just because the iPhone. Haha. But if you have Macbook first than me, I admit you are the awesome person. For the second time, I'm jealous with you.

Do you know I love ice cream very much. Andd maybe we have the same passion. Then, I saw you ate ice cream from the one of superb franchise that supply ice cream. Ohh you are really lucky because can eat there. Okey. I dont want talk about ice cream. (no more! stop it... I feel wanna eat it tonight) Then, its the third jealous with you.

Do you know I really want to wear a high heel shoes. (Haha. You are taller too much!) Not only shoes but the bag also. You got the original one, but me just 'pasar malam' branded. Its really damnn and funny right. Yes, I know. Ohh this is the forth I'm jealous with you.

Do you think I can be like you one day?

So, I flash back the old memories and see what my weakness and strength. Then, I can compete with you. Yes, we must fight each other. If man said "man to man", we are a girl so... "girl to girl" laa.  Nope, maybe I could change it to 'we fight together'. I guess its very suitable and proper.

But then, I realized that only Allah knows our fate and destiny. We only can create and plan but only Allah knows the best answer. Andd Allah also said in Quran:

"Verily Allah will not change the (fate of) a race so people want to change it (fate) of their own. '[Ar-Rad: 11]
Therefore, I decided I must change the weakness to make it as one of superb STRENGTH. Not only just said " I'm jealous with you" for a thousand times. Yes, I do! Anyway,  thanks to be my friend and sincere I said, I still love you FRIENDS. ;))))

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