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Monday, June 13, 2011

You are the chosen one

The letter for the next next year from now.


Dear my besty, HAHA. I wish you having happiness at Australia. I hope so my life like you. Heaven. You are the chosen one, friend. 

Back to the past, there was my dream place. You know right... Uhh Adelaide, but now I must let it go. Because you are represent me to go over-the-sea, my friend. And its enough to see my friend at there. With wearing sweater and hijab not to forget. So, cool~ But then its still my dream after DREAM
Alhamdulillah. You are the chosen one.

I dont know what I want to say, but I'm still remember your shining smile at me. You made me happy and you always support me. Ohh yeah, you always call me too. And you also shared your story about your college, kuliyyah and even your new friends. I let my ear to hear about your story. Sincerely I heard. Because I know you are the best storier. Yes, you are the chosen one. 

Dear, sorry for the last moments because I cant give back what you gave me. And sorry too if I made you stress and felt not comfortable with me. Yeah.. I know, I am an ordinary girl like everyone except you. I always did in wrong thing, did fool thing and became shame in front of you. Just because you are the chosen one, friend. I really really realized about that.

You already have a big happy family. Ohh I dream too. But your family are so different to compare with my family. You have the successful siblings. But I'm not having yet. Yeaahh, maybe later. But you have it. See, you are the chosen one. And sometimes I jealous with you friend... just because you have everything even you dont want that. But then, I forced myself not to envy you because you are my best friend. I know myself not fit to compare with you. Who I am?... Then, I realized from that time I must get as much as you have. Ok, its just my so so so dream that I think only half of that I can have it. Because you are the chosen one. 

I know you are clever than me. And I always behind you. But its okey, because if you dropped it doesnt mean you are weak. But still you're by my side. Its enough friend. I always try to make you always in front of me because I dont want to see your sad and bad face. I know you are strong.

Friend, I want to tell you something. I want you to know me from the other side. I want you know that I can be the BEST like you as well. And I wish you often pray for my success. Thats why I want changes from something less to more. From fool to clever. From lazy to hardwork. From poor to RICH. And for the last one, from bad friend to BEST FRIEND. Thats it.

I must struggle from now to become an AWESOME girl like you. For my future. For my life. And us.

Till then, sorry for all mistake. And sorry to take your time to read my letter. Yes, maybe take your time to study and revision at there. Hope you always smile with shining teeth. \=.=/

Sincere, HIHI.

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