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Monday, June 20, 2011

He's the only one my Abah!

Assalammualaikum you ollsss.

I want to tell you about something from heart-y to see.

I have one father. 
I call him Abah. He's a brave man. 
He's so caring about his handsome son and beautiful daughtersss. 
Especially me. HAHA.
Why? Because he will do everything for me for desires. Thank you so much, Abah!

Once a upon a time, I asked my Abah. "Abah, dulu abah memang nak letak nama orang, Nisa ke??"
Then, Abah answered, " Daripada opah kamu nak taruk name Maimunah lebih baik Nisa. Haha"
He laughed at me. 
Grrrr... But I dont care about that, because I know my Abah is funny. Yes! Hehe.

But sometimes Abah become fierce. One day when twilight, I came home late. On that time, I was in standard 3. I rushed with my 'cute' bicycle. Hehe. After that, I walked slowly then opened the door. And I saw nobody at home. Fuuuuhhh, but you know... my Abah stayed behind the door and with his "SURPRISE present". Later, Abah asked " Nak rasa roti panjang??" Without think carefully I said "Nak..." After that... Pyaaaap! Pyaaap! (rotan sound)
He spanked me. Speechless. Quite. Ran to my Yop's bedroom because at that time I used his bedroom as my 'own' bedroom. HAHA. Then, cry quitely. 
See! Abah also fierce eventhough he often do something funny. But, I never angry with him because I know it was the way he taught our siblings. And I believe only him my Abah.

My Abah also a motivator to his children. I still remember until now when I was form 3. Yeahhh I guess my story with my Abah just during my age have number '3'. Hehe. Confused.
Okey,okey continue...
He told me when he sent me back to hostel. He said "Nisa, belajar benor-benor..jangan hampakan Abah nak tengok kamu dapat straight As. Ingat pesan Abah ni..." Ohh I was touching that time. But you know...its not my fortune to get straight As. So sad...very very very much! Because I made my Abah disappointed. Yeaahh...and just because I cant pursue to Science class. And lastly, Account class was being my choice. After that, I struggled 'gile-gile' for the only one of my Abah's hopes. Till then, I succeed in SPM. Hoho. Abah! Finally, your hope were become true. Alhamdulillah. 

 So, when result UPU was discovered I got my dream university. But 1 week before that moment, I also got offered from Matriculation Perlis. Then, I told my Abah. "Abah, nak masuk mana??" He said quickly, "Go UIA!" while he smile... Uhh so happy because I made you happy,Abah! And can see your happiness. Hope you always support me.

And now, I forced to stay far from you. Abah at our sweet home. But me, in my 'dream-bedroom'. Haha. But its okay Abah. I'm not child anymore. So, Abah dont worry about me. I always remember your advice. I'm your best daughter right??? Yeehaaa...

Therefore Abah, I pray for you always and always success in your career. I proud to have you as my Abah. Because your job is very meaningful to everyone. Yes! I believe that. Take care about your healthy and our home. Hehe. Hopefully I can repay your sacrifices. I must do it! Thank you so much Abah for ever-y-thing. From my birth until this nineteenth life. 
Abah, please support me in my studies and when I face challenges. Remind me if I'm wrong. Motivate me if I'm down. I know you are kind. And the most important...
You're the AWESOME Abah! Thats truth.

Last word, I love you Abah.
Because you are the only one my super duper awesome ABAH. 
No more.

Abah, see I have mastered in English writing now. Haha. (Please dont see the grammar)

So, please proud to have me! =)

"Happy father's day, Abah!"

Without you, I'm not here to write about your awesomeness.
Thank you very,very,very,very MUCH.

O'ooo Abah looks schema when he in the photo. HEHE.


Today is father's day. Are you realized that? So, fast-fast wish your father right now. Hehe.
Say thank you to them.

Happy Father's Day to all daddies out there too.

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