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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Step by step to Tumblr

Assalammualaikum you ollsss.

Yes! I'm at home now! Yihaaaa...
Uhhh...as the notion today, I want to tell you ollsss...
about Tumblr!
Ekceli, I dont know what is it. Yeah, seriously.
But after try and try and then tettttt error! Hehe. Finally, I got it already.
Only a few pictures that I grabbed from there. Huhu!

Hope you guyssss...ENJOY!!!

It seems like painting, right?

See the sea, not the GIRL!


And I've many song to sing! Want to hear it...?? HEHE.
Lately, many people decided to SUICIDE! What the ****...
Astaghfirullah halazim.

Okay lah.
I guess you ollsss frustrated right, because I dont put my picture. 
So, if boring-boring watch out my Inpiring Khainisa, okey!!!

psss...psss... tak laa susah sangat Tumbler ni.

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