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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Assalammualaikum you ollsss.

Attention: ini entry yang ter'delay' beberapa hari disebabkan Internet sangaaaaattt 'laju'. 

Entry ini sangatlah seriuuusss. 

Uhh today is Saturday. Tomorrow will be Sunday and never be Monday. Because thats call 'suratan' or fate maybe. Yeah. All people know laa. And I think every that I achieved and received are from Him also called as fate. I must be strong. Never weak and never give up. Or maybe just give down. Erk?? Only sit down and focuuuussss...

I need korang punyer encouragement towards me. Ye! I need it. Right now, I felt I want to extend my studies. Why?? Because... I guess I cannot go with many core course lah. Uhh really,really serabut. Of course I very very jealous and envious with my member yang tak berape nak study sangat tapi result gempak jugak. Okey, maybe its just a small test for you. Or maybe aku study main-main. Tu laa padan muke kau Nisa! Ye...aku terima qada' dan qadar. But Alhamdulillah I never forget to say Thanks to Allah s.w.t, who gives the best for me.

I took time for whole day today just thinking about it. 1 year and half or maybe.... 2 YEARS???
Arrrggghhh... Tak tahulah.
Sekiranya aku ambil 2 tahun, macam lama lagilah aku di foundation. Dah macam student Medicine yang nak fly overseas. And maybe take a long time to pursue Degree at Gombak. Uhhh no!!!
And maybe if I got in Accountancy. InsyaAllah. I must study for 4 years and half. 
So looooonnggggg journey! And maybe graduation on 25 years old. So old. 
But my abah asked me just now, " Kamu masuk Gombak bile Nisa?"
Then, I replied..." Next year on March. InsyaAllah."

After a few days...

I try ask my friend who is will be graduating on next,next sem. Its same with second year students laa study plan diorang.
I ask and ask...she said that " Lepas ni study plan kat U ni dah berubah. After long sem, it will be short sem."
"WHAT??? Alaa..."
jawabnye lame lagi laa kalau macam tu. Aku TAK NAK!!!

So, the answer is I WILL NEVER BE A 2 YEARS' STUDENT.
InsyaAllah, Allah is always be by my side.

Hopes I can face all test in front of me. Yes! I believe that only Allah knows the capabilities of a person to deal with.

Please pray for my dream success!

"Only Allah knows about my destiny"

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