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Friday, March 11, 2011


Assalammualaikum you ollsss.

I want to dream high, I can fly high...
InsyaAllah. Yes! With the permission of Allah.
My dream is hiiiigghhh...
And I want to fly hiiiiggghhh. Fly high to Australia.
I very very like crazy want to further study at there.
Why? Because my cousin.
She's inspired me.
She was graduated from one of U at there.
So, why not me replace her.
Maybe the time will coming up next.
For me there no reason why we should ask 'why we must study'. 
Because study is compulsory, am I right?

After tomorrow, I will continue back my lesson yang tertinggal jauh.
Ergghh, so long time ago.
And I just can say YES! b'cause can pursue back. ALHAMDULILLAH.
Hope its the last test with Mr.J
Who he is??
You will know soon, bebeh! HAHA.

pss..pss.. ekceli aku baru jek layan cerite Korea. Haha. Dream High.
Uhhh cerite sangat best. Sebab aku TAK tersengguk tengoknye. HOY HOY!!!

HAPPY HOLIDAY to you all yang BARU start cuti.
Aku ni dah nak pulang ke negeri orang dah,kome baru nak cuti. Heh!!

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