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Friday, June 25, 2010

my life as INTELLIGENT student??!!

InThe Name of Allah,The Most Gracious ever Merciful

long time no see ma blog...
rindu gle...
act,tersangat laa banyak bende yg ak nak ceghite...

first and foremost,now i was stayed here for a month.
everything is going smoothly and enjoy!!
mule2 dtg mmg terkezut kut...
ye arr mahallah nyer style "umah kedai" kut...
even mmg ak dh taw dr dlu...tp still terkezut!! hehe
anyway,ak enjoy hidop kt sini...BEST!!!

time first smpei nilai nie...ak n roomates ak terus gi Giant kut!!
dah laa x taw paper...trus ronggeng...hehe
nie sumer coz terlalu excited nak jmpe kwn PLKN ak..."mya" !!!
sungguh hepi ble dapat jmpe Peah n Mya kt Giant...hoho~

and,for the first time ak naek teksi kut..huhu
agak klakar gak arr...coz cm agak ter"over" excited gak arr...
x per2 itu semua pengalaman dlm hidop!!

okeyh laa...kwn2 tgh tnggu turn nak gne laptop a.k.a bkn kepunyaan ak!!
credit to Hanim!! (thankz yeah kasi pnjam laptop...)

ermm...allright that's all can i share with you for dis time...ok!!
da daa~

~next story will be coming soon...
(kalo grammar salah,sorry sgt2!!)
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