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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Graduated from IIUM and the convocation


I really love IIUM!! ;DDD

All praises to Allah to give us a healthy body and mind. Nowadays, almost all universities were held their convocation. Its sound good right? Of course. Hehe. After we graduated, we will get the scroll. The amanah for ummah. Waaaaahh.

And starting from today until Monday, there was a convo at IIUM. And one of my senior also will receive the scroll for her degree. Very best moments, I guess. Congratulations, Kak Firah! You're awesome. She graduated in Bachelor of Economics.

Ok, my foundation totally not yet finished. So, now I only can little dreamssss. Haha. Lets view the scenario during the convo. So, exciting!!!

Awesome picture!
Tahu tak sebab apa gambar ni besar daripada yang lain? Haha. Sebab...sisters ni pakai jubah hoot-nya warna kuning. Yellow for kuliyyah Economics and management sciences. And its will be wearing by me later. Maybe 3 or 4 years later. InsyaAllah.

Graduate with friendssss...

Awesome sangatlah!!

She is my senior. Nur Amina. ;))))

 Do you know her? Hehe. Inilah senior aku yang nak grad tu. Taklaah. Actually, inikan Nur dalam Nur Kasih semasa dia tengah konvokesyen. Kuliyyah Architecture lagi tu. Kononlah. Haha. Anyway, sangat nice kan... Suka sangat!!!

Perasaan: Tak sabar nak masuk Gombak, berkurung dalam UIA untuk 4 tahun dan graduate. ;DDDD

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