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Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm always a dream-er!

Assalammualaikum you ollsssss.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Should we start our day on this Friday with basmallah right. Cewah! Huwaaahh, nice day today. Morning-morning lagi sudah hujan. It is still raining now. Best. Coooll yo! So nice to type belog while sitting in front of window and see outside raining. Subhanallah.

Just now, I feel like I am twelve years old. You know? I know you dont know what I'm thinking. Haha. Actually, I'm just looking for the past few years ago and I rewind back all my ambitionss. So many ambitionss that I guess one day I ought to be. Hehe. But, until now I still confused about my job-to-be next day. Seriously. Plus, I'm still studying foundation. 

Dulu-dulu, I suka main masak-masak. Auuww, ber-I pulak. Haha. Off course, that one is kind of my hobbiess when I still young-er. And then, I dream that I want to be a CHEF. Because 'masak-memasak' ni kerja perempuan. Siapa kata?? Guys pun boleh. Cuba tengok Chef Wan laki, Chef Ismail pun laki. So what?? Okey, aku puji korang yang laki-laki. Until then, I decided not to be chef because give you guys to be a chef. Ewah.

Up to standard 1, my ambitions list written on Kad 001 (if not mistaken) my first choice is Teacher, second Doctor and third ASKAR. What!!?? Haha. Yeaahh askar. Tak pernah aku duga yang aku bakal pergi interview tentera last year. Kelakar kan?? A childish ambitions almost-happen. But alhamdulillah, tak berapa nak layak. Yelah, minta UPNM pun sebab parents support. Okey, nanti aku cerita kisah semasa interview. Suke-suke. Hehe.

The ambitions had changed every year. Mostly laa senang cerite. Yelah, masa tahun darjah 1 cikgu yang pilih, aku angguk saja. Budak baik kan...eeuuwww. After that, I chose by my own. When I'm standard 6, I love and really love to play 'rumah-rumah'. I mean arranged my books without care the size and the thickness and make it as a house plan. Then, put pencils or pens as the people. Haha. So childish! Pernah laa ajak member main sekali, eksyen tak layan game aku. Menyampah. So, I have been played by myself and smile alone. Ngeh,ngeh,ngeh. Syok sorang-sorang pun boleh...

Cantek gileeerr rumah ni. Okey!

That time feel like "I want to be an ARCHITECT" so that I can plan my dream house for my family. Sangat best ada rumah sendiri yang pelan depan-belakang-kiri-kanan hasil tangan sendiri. Korang tak rase ke best?? Hoho. And caused by this dream I'd been more excited to draw and sketch so many plan of houses. But all papers were disappeared. Kalau tak boleh aku recommend kat arkitek-arkitek luar sana. Cewah. Kaya-kaya, dapat duit you... But its just a dream because my mom not allowed me to be an architect. Sabor jelah. Never mind, old storieesss. Teehee... 

Last few years, I'm as form 4 student. Studying in non-science stream class. Okey, aku nak sangaat kelas sains tapi tak dapat. So, proceed jelah. Try to catch all new subjects that I've never thought I'll study. Yes, accounting and economics never thought about that. Sorry laa for my new profession. Hehe. But seriously, I enjoy these both subjects till now. Eventhough feel like, "Where I want to put dishonoured cheque?? Debit or credit?" Confused-confused. Cey, oveerrr sikit. Haha. And its make me fun because accounting more to calculate especially $$$. Hehe. Okey, fine.

Therefore, when someone asking me "What you gonna be a 5 years later?" Smoothly, I said I want to be an ACCOUNTANT. Yeaah, my family also supported me to get degree in accounting then work as accountant. Waaah. Professional you... But, get degree in economics I think it should be considered. Hehe. But its is a plan. Not yet true story. Only Allah know my way. Right?? 

Ada gaya macam kereta orang kaya tak?? HAHA.

And now, I feel like I want to add my ambitions. What??? Tell us, pleaseee... Ecey, merayu kunun. Haha. I know everybody want it. Okey, I want to be a MILLIONNAIRE! So that I can fly with my fellow family and friendsss everywhere. Buy many foodsss. Off course. HEHE. Dont care about others mouth, it is just your own dream and because I am a DREAM-er too. ;)

Not to forget to give sadaqah when you have a lot of money, ok. Fine, baguuusss ni.

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